I'm a PhD student in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Geneva under the supervision of François Fleuret. My main interests are generative models, geometric methods, and the utilization of machine learning in scientific applications. I spent the summer of 2023 interning in the Electronic Structure team of the AI4Science group of Microsoft Research in Amsterdam.

Prior to starting my PhD, I completed a Master's degree in mathematical physics at the University of Hamburg, where my focus was on differential geometry and its connections to various areas of mathematics and physics.

Learning Interpolations between Boltzmann Densities
B. Máté and F. Fleuret
Transactions on Machine Learning Research (TMLR)
paper | code | summary
Flowification: Everything is a Normalizing flow
B. Máté*, S. Klein*, T. Golling, F. Fleuret
Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS '22)
paper | code | summary
Deformations of Boltzmann Distributions
B. Máté and F. Fleuret
ML for Physics Workshop @ NeurIPS 2022
paper | summary